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Information Webinars

We are committed to enhancing the financial literacy of our clients and their families by offering regular free webinars, including:

  1. Common RESP Oversights
  2. How Grandparents can help
  3. Options for Adults Returning to School
  4. Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer via Education Funding
  5. RESP basics - for lower income families


Until further  notice all Webinars will be remote, using ZOOM.

Family Education Funding Plan - Needs Assessment

For each person in the plan, we need their birtdate plus forecasts for:

  • No. of years of post-secondary 

  • Living at home or away  

  • Share of costs funded by own summer & part-time jobs, gifts,


For contributor family/parents we need:

  • Latest family net income

  • Share of costs you wish to fund, for each person in plan

  • Current balance & contributions for any existing education plans /accounts 

  • Details on any unique funding you might access e.g. employer


Family Education Funding Plan - Table of Contents


  1. Recommendations 
  2. Family Profile and Needs
  3. Current Educ. Plans/Accounts
  4. Statement of Assumptions

For Each Person in the Plan:

  1. Forecast of Education Costs
  2. School Completion Schedule
  3. Fund Methods by % of Total 
  4. Student Savings Schedule
  5. Parents Contribution Schedule
  6. Cash Withdrawal Schedule
  7. Plan Management Schedule

Optimizing Your RESP

Questions we will answer so you get the most out of your RESP:

1. Are the correct beneficiaries named?

2. If there's more than 1 beneficiary, are the beneficiaries being treated equally? If not, can we rectify this?

3. Based on the past and forecast schedule (or plan) of contributions, how much will the plan be worth when the funds are needed?

4. Based on the planned acdemic pursuit (e.g. 4 year B. Science, in-town), what is the estimated total cost of this education?

5. Can contributions be increased, and if so, by how much, to optimize the Canadian Education Savings Grant (CESG)?

6. Within the family, what other potential sources of cash or savings could be used to increase contributions to the RESP?

7. In future, should you make 1-time, periodic contributions or both? If periodic, bi-weekly, monthy, or annually? 

8. What type of investments (by percentage) are currently held in the RESP and what annual rate of return has that generated?

9. What plan is there, if any to re-balance the investment portfolio over time toward lower volatity, lower risk investments?

10. At the end of the plan period, will you have all/some of your contibutions returned to you or provide it to the beneficiaries? Why?


Do-it-Yourself Options

For those who want to learn how to establish your own Family Education Funding Plan, Canadian Grads will offers small group hands-on workshops delivering information, tools, templates, and guidance to create your own plan.

Cfor those who already have an RESP and want to ensure they are gettign the biggest bang for their buck, agin you can follow the DIY path


The pre-requisite for these training programs is basic knowledge and experience with Microsoft EXCEL.



Canadian GRADS Membership - $25/year

Current Features & Benefits of Membership

- Take advnatage of our low introductory price for early adopters:

- 20% discount on all other services offered by Canadian GRADS

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Future Features & Benefits Of Membership

As Canadian GRADS expands and improves, members can expect more membership benefits including:

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