Canadian GRADS does not sell investment products. Rather, we partner with your existing trusted advisors guide your investment selections, in order to implement your Education Funding Plan. This includes but is not limited to your:

  • bank
  • investment broker
  • financial advisor,  and lawyer.


At this early stage, instead of directly offering a limited Scholarship Search service, we refer you to existing comprehensive Scholarship Search services.


Outlined below are the companies and organizations with whom we have established formal partner agreements. Each has been screened for alignment of their service &/or product offering with the interests of Canadian GRADS clients. Each of them compensates Canadian GRADS by way of client referral fees or advertising on this site. 


Partner Selection Criteria

PCanadian GRADS has screened all partners listed to ensure thy meet all the following criteria:

1. Qualified - They are qualified in their respective field, as per the industry certification.

2. Knowledgable - They understand the basics of the account type Canadian GRADS recommends, including but not limited to RESP, TFSA, LLP, Trusts, Savings

3. Diverse - They sell or have access to a wide range of investment products, to serve clients'diverse needs.

4. Transparent - They fully disclose how they are compensated and the fees you will pay for purchasing anyinvetments and ongoing management fees

5. Partnering Agreement - They have entered into a formal partnering agreement with Canadian GRADS, including compensation and other incentives both ways for client referrals.