Consistent with our mission to reduce the inequality in accessing higher education, Canadian GRADS provides Pro Bono support to lower income Canadians to access free money for Post-secondary edcuation.  Speciifcally , we provide two services:

  1. Free RESP workshops for oganizations and community groups whose clientele are lower income Canadian parents.
  2. Clear, non-technical directions on how to access Canada Learning Bonds, which has a total value/child of $2,000. Simply contact us and we'll send you a 1-pager of step-by-step actions for low-income families to access this free money.
 FREE Workshop on RESP Basics 

Non-profit, commuicy and government organizations can sponsor our RESP workshop for lower income Canadians,  interested in a better life for their children. Contact us to make arrangments for an in-person or remote session..

"Lower Income" is 2020 net family income of ;

- with 1-3 children - $48,535

- wih 4 children - $54,764

- with 5 children - $61,016

 Income thresholds increase for larger families



Content of WorKskop on RESP basics

Why - should you open an RESP

Who - can contribute and benefit from an RESP

Who - is eligible for free money

Where - do you establish an RESP

How Much - do you need to conbtribute toi an RESP

How Much will you receive from an RESP

When - should you establish an RESP

What - are the steps to set up your RESP