Consistent with our mission to reduce the inequality in accessing higher education, Canadian GRADS provides Pro Bono support to lower-income Canadians to access free money for Post-secondary education. Specifically, we provide two services:

Free Instructions to Access Canada Learning Bond

We provide clear, non-technical directions on how to access Canada Learning Bonds, which has a total value/child of $2,000. Simply contact us and we’ll send you a 1-pager of step-by-step actions for low-income families to access this free money. Or, you can download the PDF of the instructions at the bottom of this page.

FREE Workshop on RESP Basics

Non-profit, community and government organizations can sponsor our RESP workshop for lower-income Canadians, interested in a better life for their children. Contact us to make arrangements for an in-person or remote session. We’ll also provide clear directions to access the Canada Learning Bond.

"Lower Income" is 2021 net family income of

Income thresholds increase for larger families

RESP Basics

Workshop Content


you should open an RESP


can contribute and benefit from an RESP


is eligible for free money


do you establish an RESP

How Much

do you need to contribute to an RESP

How Much

free money will you receive from an RESP


should you establish an RESP


are the steps to set up your RESP

Canada Learning Bond

Canadian grads has created a simple explanation of the Canada Learning Bond and how low income families can access it in the PDF below.